Learn How Employee Leave Management System Works in Fedena?

Do you still use the same old register books to mark the attendance of your employees? If yes, then you are killing your precious time that can be used in other fruitful tasks. The best option to those old register books is the Employee Leave Management, a unique feature from the award-winning school ERP software solution, Fedena. This feature is not just about maintaining attendance of employees, it’s more than that. Learn, how the employee leave management system works.

The Employee Leave Management feature of Fedena has four parts- ‘Add Leave types’, ‘Attendance Report’, ‘Attendance Register’ and ‘Reset Leave’. If you login as an admin, then on arriving the dashboard, you can see these features by selecting ‘More’, then ‘Human Resource’ and finally ‘Employee Leave Management’.
The four main parts of the Employee Leave Management are:
Attendance Register

With the Attendance Register, you can actually see the entire attendance register of a particular subject with all the details of any month. All you need to do is to select the department for which you want to see the attendance register. You can mark any employee ‘absent’ in the register.

Add Leave Types

With the help of this one, you can add any kind of leave for employees like ‘casual leave’ or ‘sick leave’. Plus, you can also edit or delete any existing or active leave type from the list.

Attendance Report

The Attendance Report is a fast way to get the attendance report of all the employees of a particular department. This can be achieved when you select the particular department of which you want the attendance report.

Reset Leave

The ‘Reset Leave’ option allows the employees to renew their leaves with the help of two options- either using the ‘carry forward’ option or without it. If you want the ‘carry forward’ option, you need to go to ‘Add Leave Types’ where you get the ‘Enable carry forward option’. ‘Reset Leave’ offers you 4 categories- ‘Reset All’, ‘Individual Reset’, ‘Department Reset’ and the ‘Leave Reset Settings’.

How employees can apply for leave?
When you are an employee eager to apply for leave, you need to login with your id and go to ‘Leave’ in Dashboard. Then you need to apply for a leave with all the necessary details required for the application. Your leave is only valid only when your reporting manager approves it.

When you are using Fedena in your mobile, you can apply for leave by logging through your mobile and going to ‘Leave Application’ in Dashboard. You, then, need to fill up all details and submit it, for your manager to approve or deny.

How reporting managers can approve/deny leaves?
When an employee reporting you applies for leave, you get a notification under ‘New Leaves’ which you can either approve or deny. To do this, you need to login with your id and go to ‘Leaves’ in Dashboard and go to ‘New Leaves’ where you get the notification of any leaves applied by your reporting employee.

You can ‘approve’ or ‘deny’ your employees leave. Your decision will be delivered to your employee as a notification under ‘My Leaves’ and the leaves will be automatically updated in the ‘Attendance Register’ under the respected employee.

So, discard those pens and leave application forms and adopt this smarter and faster way to get your leaves approved.

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