IISAR Foundation, Pakistan on their Dream of ‘Giving Eyes to the Nation Through Education’ using Fedena

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Saleem Siddiqui

Founded by Prof. Dr. Ahmed Saleem Siddiqui in 1990, IISAR Foundation is working hard to provide an updated and compatible education to all in Pakistan, without any discrimination. IISAR Foundation’s educational activities are now powered by the award-winning student information system, Fedena. Below, are some of their thoughts about education and how the journey had been so far, as they share with Foradian:

Q: 1. Can you explain about IISAR to our readers? Please tell us your Vision and initiatives towards achieving the same.

IISAR: IISAR is an institution where one can see the practical aspect of scarification.. Its an institution where the basic factor is been taught to the students and teachers by our Chairman i.e. sacrifice and share whatever you have with others especially, with those who don’t have that or you can say “Un-Privileged” in the society in order to eliminate the chaos related to the differences and prejudices in every walk of life .
We have students from every walk of life- poor, rich, Christian, Hindu, Muslim; our students belong to every caste, even a sweeper’s child, washer-man’s child etc. Free scholarships are available for the deserving students while fee rates for rest of students is also very nominal & as per a common man’s convenience. Provision of most modern & updated education to all, equally can bring change in society & lead to a peaceful society where everyone would have equal opportunities to live, to enjoy, to avail basic necessities of life. This all should be planned & implemented under the guideline of revelation so we could have a flawless system.
Q: 2. We have noticed the mention of ‘improved and revolutionary education’ in the welcome message in your institution’s website. Can you elaborate on that point?

IISAR: Yeah sure! When you talk about “Improved & revolutionary education”, we mean and look forward to provide most updated and 21st century, compatible education; something that is not outdated. An updated educational set up can bring revolution in one’s life because, we trust that revolution comes from your inner self and not from outside. The revolution we are mentioning here is revolution against illiteracy, revolution against the system where poor gets poorer and rich gets richer, revolution against system based upon differences and inequality. This all is possible through an updated, most modern education that is provided to every single child so that he is able to recognize his own self, his purpose of life given by his creator & starts his journey towards accomplishment of the said purpose i.e. spread LOVE & PEACE among all human being.
Q: 3. How has been the journey so far in achieving your dream of ‘Giving eyes to the
nation through education’?

IISAR: IISAR Foundation is a single man foundation, been founded in 1990 by Prof.(Dr.) Ahmed Saleem Siddiqui who has a passion to serve his nation through education for he believes that education is the best source of Slow term revolution (explained above). Instead of giving someone money, its always better to teach them how to earn the money, how to become an active/creative member of society, to make them stable enough so that they be able to face the challenges and obstacles of life. He introduced IT for the very first time in Pakistan, with the version and our institute was equipped with the same. Since then, gradually, we have introduced IT in our Institution accordingly. The whole setup of our institute is computerized; classes are Smart Classrooms along with Audio/ Visual Aid. A large numbers of computers are the of latest versions; internet facility is available for the students so they can explore their topics, learn through different ways and emphasizing on “Conceptual Learning”. So far, we can say that we are moving towards achieving our goal gradually and slowly. We have been facing the same challenges since day one but definitely not stopping us. By the grace of God, we think the achievement at our end so far is a number of pass out students who belong to very lower middle class, very poor families, working class families. We believe, a change will be coming in society, although slowly but effectively.

Q: 4. How has Fedena been a help in your journey?

IISAR: As we told you that our basic focus is IT and online education system and this motivation leads us to FEDENA. We found our IT solutions in it and we are looking forward to have our whole educational set up online through Fedena. Though, we are still in the process of  surfing and exploring Fedena, but we hope that it will be the best source of implementing our online educational set up.
Q: 5. Where do you see students of IISAR in future?

IISAR: We are confident about what we are educating to our students will bring inner peace to them. We are not only educating but also modifying their behavior which, if not tamed and civilized can cause destruction . A peaceful mind can create a peaceful society which is lacking in humanity nowadays, but we don’t have to wait for the whole world to do it. We have to start from our own self , peace will come automatically. Education is like a small amount of water in the beak of IISAR which is supposed to extinguish the wildfire of illiteracy, hatred, poverty and we are very hopeful that this is going to be the milestone towards accomplishment of the said GOAL.
Q: 6. Is there any message you want to convey to the readers of our blog? They include schools, colleges and universities around the world and technical companies who are innovating educational technologies.

IISAR: Spread LOVE & PEACE through education & making the whole world, a global Nation. This message can be adopted by youth & educational Institutes. Educational setups can play a vital role in spreading and penetrating this message among students.
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