How to Assign & Manage Assignments to Students using Fedena

Managing assignments has always been a tedious task, both for the teacher who assigns it as well as for the students who are assigned. The entire process of assignment becomes all the more hectic when any student fails to attend class on the said day. Plus, students might often get confused with the details of the assignment and the teacher in most of the cases, have to go through an ordeal of repeating and re-addressing the students again and again. So, instead of going through such activities, teachers can make it simpler with the help of Fedena’s Assignment plugin.

The Assignment plugin is easy to use the plugin of Fedena that helps teachers and students to save time when dealing with assignments. We bring to you, a detailed description of how this plugin can be used effectively, both by teachers and students.

Login as a teacher

When you log in as a teacher and want to issue assignments to your students, then these steps you have to follow:

  • First, you need to go to ‘More’ and then select ‘Assignment’ from it.
  • Create a new assignment with the help of the ‘Create new Assignment’ option.
  • Create new assignment and put in all the necessary information required to create it, like the ‘Title’, ‘Content’, ‘Due Date’ and select the ‘Subject’ that you want to create an assignment on.

It must be noted that as a teacher, you can only see the options of subjects that you teach when you click on ‘Subject’. If you want to provide some other detail to the students for their help, you can upload a file to the assignment also.

When you select the ‘Subject’, you may need to select students as well. If you want only particular students to receive the assignment, you need to select the students from the boxes, or else, you can select ‘All’.

Login as a student

When you login as a student

  • Click on ‘More’ and then go to ‘Assignment’, you will be taken directly to the ‘Assignment’ page.
  • Then you click on the particular ‘Assignments’ (for example, here, its ‘Homework’), you directly go to the page where you get the details about it and an option below saying, ‘Answer this assignment’.
  • Fill in all information required and attach necessary answer sheet. You are done with your assignment once you click on ‘Submit Answer’.Once the assignment is submitted by the student, the teacher receives it under the category ‘Answered’ in the particular subject assignment. On clicking it, the teacher gets an option to download and read it. Once read, the teacher can ‘Accept answer’ or ‘Reject answer’. The same information will be sent to the respective student as well.When there is an easy and fast way to issue and accept assignments, then why waste time in dealing with it in pen and paper. Fedena is here, make the most of it!
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