Foradian join Hands with Yuva Parivartan in their Efforts for a Better Society and a Nation

Fedena, the award winning school ERP software solution assists Yuva Parivartan, an inspired movement that has become an uproar to bring about a positive change in the society and create a better nation. As Yuva Parivartan believes, this change can only be done when the deprived youth population of the country is given a chance to create a bright future for themselves and thus, become an asset to the society and nation. Today, Yuva Parivartan shares their experiences of the journey so far, that had not been an easy part to cover for them.

Q: Tell us about Yuva Parivartan.
YP: Yuva Parivartan is an 85 year old NGO which works in the area of livelihoods focusing on school dropouts. Over 80% of the youth in India do not complete their schooling and we provide them training in vocational and other skills, and place them i.e jobs or connect them with other livelihood opportunities, so as to bring them into the economic mainstream. In this way, we bring about a transformation in the lives of these youth and their families. We are today the largest NGO in this space, having touched 1,00,000 lives last year.

Q: You must have for sure, faced a lot of difficulties to convince underprivileged children from poor families for take up training or further education. Can you talk a little on that?

YP: It is always a challenge to mobilize youth. They are frequently de-motivated, directionless and with aspirations that are not realistic. Since they come from difficult backgrounds, they often have problems which are further compounded by lack of good role models. This means that our staff members have to work extra hard to convince and motivate them to join the courses. All the staff members go into the community and engage with the youth and their parents to bring a change into their lives. I am grateful to Foradian, for helping us with offering their Fedena application which is internet based, where our staff would now devote less time in maintaining data manually, and can use this application anytime and wherever they are based. With this application, our limited staff can provide training to the underprivileged in the remotest areas through collaboration option, thereby reducing their travel time and allowing the underprivileged to get specialized within their areas.


Q:Since you are a non-profit organization, you must have faced issues with pricing and licensing when you wanted an erp software solution. How have Fedena helped you in this.

YP: As we are an NGO, we were looking for an application that would suit our needs and at the same time would be affordable to us. Thanks to Unni, who advised us that the Saas Model would be very expensive, and suggested that we go for on-premise model, without looking at maximizing his profit.  With his help and understanding, we now have the application hosted on our server which would help us in a long way, and the application would well be in our control. Unni also provided us with unlimited schools license as well as unlimited users license hence completely eliminating our growth cost impact.

Q:You offer vocational courses unlike other colleges. How difficult was it for you to look for the right erp software for your organization since most ERPs are ideal for regular courses.

YP: Our courses are short term which is for a duration of 3 months and for different trades. Thanks to Foradian who understood our need, helped in customization and designed an application that has suited our purpose. Also, we have undertaken some workarounds in our business operations to ensure a maximum usage of the system to cater to our needs. However, saying that the core operations of students admissions, course definition, fees collections, examinations and reports generation remains common across any form of formal education hence, Fedena fit our requirements.

Q: How has Fedena and Foradian been a help to you in your effort to work for the society.

YP: We are greatly thankful to Foradian for understanding us, supporting us throughout our journey and designing an application that is simple and easy to understand. Moreover, we needed an application that would cater to the needs of all our centers, an application that could be accessed anywhere in the world. Earlier our staff used to spend a lot of time and effort in maintaining the records manually. Now with this application we would be able to track and maintain the training records across all our centers, thereby giving us transparency and increasing efficiency of all our staff. This will in a long run help us to reduce manual work and track records on-time with timely reports delivered as and when required.  This also will help our field staff to focus more on their field activities rather than spending productive time in maintaining records for reporting purpose.

Foradian is proud to be associated with an organisation like Yuva Parivartan who is working hard for the upliftment of the society, for a better tomorrow for those who never had the chance to carve out a life worth living.

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