"The Young Ambassador" School in Kuwait city teaches multiple languages to preschoolers

Here is an interview with one of our newest Fedena buyer, Aminah Al-Khashan, Project Manager, The Young Ambassador in Kuwait city, Kuwait. The young ambassador is a nursery/ kindergarten focusing on languages. It also has an evening language center. Aminah speaks about education system, the common problems and what awaits the education sector in future.

Q: Tell us more about your school.
Aminah: Young Ambassador Language Center Preschool is the first of its kind in Kuwait. Along with following an American based curriculum we are also teaching children four languages, by using language immersion. Our goal is to prepare children who attend our school to speak, Arabic, English, French and   Spanish fluently and with a native accent.

Q:How is the present day education system in Kuwait?
Aminah: Like anywhere in the world, we face our own set of problems and issues that the rest of the world faces as well. However, our job as educators, is to make the best with what we have and encourage and foster the best in our children.

Q: And, what are the challenges, you think, that present day education system is facing as a whole?
Aminah: Education and the techniques that we use, as educators, are always changing and evolving. Passing on or presenting these new ideas and concepts to a larger audience, is at times a real challenge.

Q: Any particular challenge you have encountered so far?
Aminah: Just like anywhere in the world, we all face road blocks when trying to introduce new ideas and concepts.The only real challenge we have faced thus far, is the new concept of teaching multiple languages. However, when prospective parents come in to listen to what we have to offer, along with looking at the research that has been done on language acquisition, usually the negative ideas of teaching multiple languages are gone.

Q: What do you think is the future of education is going to be like?
Aminah: Like most of us in the education field, I am rather optimistic. I am hoping that we can be the change we would like to see in our educational community. With the help and support of our community, I can really see the change that we are striving to make coming.

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