Sandra of Hampson English, China speaks about Fedena

Sandra from the HR department, Hampson English, Beijing and one of our happy clients, talks about what makes them use and like Fedena, the one stop solution for effortless school management:
Q: Tell us a little bit about your institution.

Sandra: We are an English training school which specialises in one to one teaching of English and our students are of all ages- from kids to young adults. Most of the courses are on how to use spoken English in daily life.

Q: What you liked about Fedena?
Sandra: The best part about Fedena is that it has a very specific platform for users. It is an effective school ERP and professional when it comes to solving problems as part of after-sale services.

Q: What are your favourite modules of Fedena?
Sandra: The most favorite module is the Discussion module.

Q: What is the biggest challenge faced by you?
Sandra: The biggest challenge we have faced so far is during designing online examination system, not just for students, but for employees as well.

Q: What you think the future of education is going to look like?
Sandra: The future of education is surely going to be bright with online education going more multi-cultural. This will make possible for one student to attend classes of teachers in some other country through online.

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