OEM Partner Sudhir Shivapur Share his Views on Being with Fedena

Sudhir Shivapur, Owner of Edinma

The OEM partner program of Fedena is an amazing way to make ROI or Return on investment by re-branding Fedena and selling it to the market, within your own terms and pricing. This may not look like a sustainable business model that will work from a long term perspective, but it is proved to make ‘high value’ returns, when dealt with patience. For good revenue, it is advised club this with other services like hardware supply, website designing etc. 

Here is one of our successful OEM Partner, Sudhir Shivapur, owner of Edinma, a comprehensive enterprise resource planning system for educational institutions with unbeatable features. It is the present challenges and necessities of the education system that motivated the creation of Edinma. Here is what the brain behind it, Mr. Sudhir Shivapur has to say:

Q: Tell us about yourself.

 Sudhir: I completed my post graduation in Business Management from St. Aloysius in 2007. Later joined an engineering firm which manufactures capital equipments handling sales for Southern region. During the later part of 2010, i decided to quit and pursue my dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Its been a successful journey so far being one of the most preferred capital equipment dealer in Bangalore.

Q: What made you become an OEM partner?

Sudhir: I have been closely associated with Foradian technologies as a friend and a well-wisher. I have seen the effort put in by the team to build a successful product like FEDENA. Its a genuine and most reliable product that has been developed and continuously improvised/improved keeping in view the needs of the modern education system. 
I wanted to diversify my business and had made up my mind to get into education sector which is one of the fastest growing sector with the best ERP in the market “FEDENA”.

Q: Can we know about the marketing methods you are using to promote Edinma?

Sudhir: We mostly use the same technique used in promoting capital equipment i.e meet the customer personally, explain the need for the product and generate an inquiry. We still believe the reach of internet marketing in education sector is not considerable in India. 

Q: Please share any of your recent success in your business.

Sudhir: We have been in this business from December 2012. We have done demonstrations in various reputed schools and colleges. We are looking  for some major breakthroughs in the coming months when the academic year begins.

Q: What do you like most about Fedena?

Sudhir: I personally believe Fedena stands for simplicity. You have an awesome plugin options, top class User interface with importance to minute details. It never hangs and the best part is the Foradian team which is always ready to support.

Q: Any tips you want to share with other OEM partners?

Sudhir: You should be passionate about the product. And you should have a great story to share. Don’t pitch to customers describing the features and technical aspects. Tell them stories. And prove them how the product will bring value for the money they invest.

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