Koya University of North Iraq is now powered by Fedena

Koya University is located in the city of Koya (Koysinjaq), which is some 1.0 hr drive to the East of Erbil (Arbil, Hewlér), the capital of Kurdistan Region in North Iraq. It is located on the foothills of beautiful high mountain with its campus been carefully laid out to embrace the beauty of the nature.

Koya University was established in 2003 and has developed noticeably. In the year 2010, Koya University underwent complete renovation, right from colleges to faculty systems, in order to enhance the interactions between similar academic fields. Today, the University has 4 faculties and 34 departments in different fields, such as Petroleum Engineering, Geo-technical Engineering, Clinical Psychology, Social Science and Medical Microbiology.

After the Kurdish uprising of 1991 and the liberation of large parts of Iraqi Kurdistan, the process of promoting education became the stream policy of Kurdish establishment. Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) played a vital role in setting up academic institutions. In addition to developing Salahaddin University, the KRG reopened the Sulaimani University as well as establishing Duhok University.
Here is a small inteview with Dr.Dilan Roshani of Koya University.
Q: What is the present education system of Iraq looks like?
Dilan: The present education system is centralised and out of date, but many reforms are on the way. The education system of the country is public and free and the universities here, does not make money but they have fixed budget from Gov.This is Kurdistan region and is different from Iraq, things are developing much more rapidly here.
Q: What is your biggest challenge?
Dilan: Level of skills and the willingness to learn new things.
Q: What is your biggest opportunity?
Dilan: Expanding and becoming independent from state. This has helped us implement more quality into our education. We tend to make the IT industry our first priority and produce kind of staffs who can play big role in the booming IT industry.
Q: Where you see your institution in future?
Dilan: We aim to become the best ranked university in the region, make use of English language in all level and make the whole system eManagement.
Q: What you liked the most in Fedena?
Dilan: Fedena is free, It is simple, It is a good start for us to train our manpower, and it is the first attempt from us to being all manual Libra work into digital management
Q: Any other thing you want to tell?
Dilan: Keep doing the good work and make sure, that the installation has specification, both for normal schools and higher education institutes. Universities can benefit a lot from this, more than any other institute.

Sitting from left: Mrs Nazenine, Prof. Jawad, Prof Khidir, Dr Dilan
Standing from left: Mr Sakar, Dr Shwan, Dr Abdulabari, Prof Fuad, Dr Saeed
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