How to Use the Poll Plugin of Fedena as a Feedback Tool for your Institution

Poll Plugin of Fedena
 Being the top head of any educational institution, you might sometimes feel the need for feedback about any recent initiatives. For this, there is an easy to use plugin called the Poll plugin available with Fedena which can be used for feedback. Now, lets take a look at how the poll plugin can be used for feedback.

If you login as an admin

If you are the admin, then you need to login using your email id and password. Look for ‘Poll’ after clicking ‘Collaboration’. You can create a new poll using the ‘New Poll’ option and a page opens up where you need to fill in all options. The page has three parts-

1. Questions: You have to provide the question along with some descriptions.

2. Answers: Provide the answers for the question you have posted. You can provide multiple answer options by using the option ‘+Add another’. You can also allow other answers as well by ticking the ‘Allow other answer’ option. With this, you actually allow the targeted people to give any other feedback answers if they have.

3. Members: This option lets you select the batches and departments you want to target the feedback question to. One you are done filling up the information, you need to complete it by using the option ‘Post Poll’.
Teachers and students of the departments and batches selected will get a notification about the feedback poll you have created.

If you login as a student

If you are student who has received a notification about the poll, you need to login with student id and password and look for the ‘Poll’ option from ‘More’. In case, you don’t agree with the options of answers given, you can anytime let your answer be heard by going for the option, ‘write own answer’. You will have to write your answer in the tab that comes up on clicking the option. This is the way your can vote your opinion on a certain feedback question posted by the administrator.

Points to remember

1. A poll becomes ‘Closed’ when it is over or you can also manually do it by clicking the ‘Close’ option.

2. Closed polls can only be seen by the admin or any privileged user as assigned by the admin.

3. You can also delete or edit any information you have stored. You can also delete the feedback or poll question with the ‘Delete’ option.

Poll Module Video: To provide a better understanding of Poll module workflow

The poll plugin is indeed an amazing feature of Fedena that can help you conduct polls or even track down the feedback of students.

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