Fedena now available in Google® Apps Marketplace

Combine the powers of Fedena and Google® Apps for the ultimate school/college management experience. Now you can login to Fedena with your Google® Apps credentials. The document manager plugin of Fedena is integrated with Google® Drive. Upload and access your documents from Fedena dashboard and your Google® Drive account. More integrations are in progress.

About Google® Apps for Education
Google® Apps Education Edition is a broad IT solution that schools can use to bring communication and collaboration tools to the entire academic community for free. Google® manages all the technology details, so you can focus your time, energy and budgets on teaching your kids.
Students, teachers and staff can share ideas more quickly and get things done more effectively when they have access to the same powerful communication and sharing tools. Google® Apps Education Edition lets tech administrators provide email, sharable online calendars, instant messaging tools and even a dedicated website to faculty, students and staff for free. There’s no hardware or software to install or maintain, since everything is delivered through a standard web browser — anytime, from anyplace. More information : http://www.google.com/apps/intl/en/edu/

How this works?
Fedena can’t be automatically added to your Google® Apps account as it is a non-installable app in the market place. You will have to install Fedena with Google® Apps plugin in a separate server. While entering student and employee data, use the official Google® App email id. Users with their email registered in Google® Apps can login using the Google® App signin form. The documents uploaded by the users in their Google® Drive will be available in Fedena and vice versa.
Get Fedena integrated with Google® Apps

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