5 Tips for a Productive and Efficient Institution with Fedena’s Task Module

For a more efficient and effective management of your school, you can use the powerful Task Module offered by Fedena. But, before you go forward with it, its better you get acquainted yourself with what actually can you benefit from Task Module of Fedena.

1. Assign tasks:

You can easily create or assign task to your employees or students who will be able to see it when they login to their account. Students or employees update their file and you mark them as ‘completed’ after all checks. You can also assign one single task to multiple people.

2. Allow privileges to employees:

This unique feature of the Task Module of Fedena lets you offer privilege to any of your employee with the authority to create or assign tasks to other employees or students. The ‘privileged’ employee will also exercise the power of marking the task as ‘completed’ once it is checked.

3. One roof for entire team:

Bring your entire team of employees and students under one roof and get your tasks done!
4. Follow assigned projects:
Get notifications about any changes done to your assigned tasks. Stay updated on the proceedings of your task.

5. No meetings and e-mails:

The days of weekly meetings are over. You don’t have to organize any more meetings and check regular email status. Set your task or the message that you want to convey to your employees or students with Task management.
If a single module of Fedena like Task management can increase the efficiency of your institution many folds, think how productive will be your institution with a fully functional Fedena pro with 50+ modules. Check out a fully functional demo of Fedena at www.fedena.com/demo.

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