10 Amazing Features of Fedena That you Must Know

Amazing Features

The award-winning, all-in-one school and college management software, Fedena, has a lot to offer. But what makes this user-friendly next-generation software so unique from others? Surely, its amazing features. And some of its distinct but least known features do deserve a mention and in this article, we will help you know 10 such features that can make your Fedena experience all the more fruitful.

1. Automatic login creation for Parents: The very first point that we would point out is the automation in parent login creation. As soon as the admin opens up the account of a new student, the parent of the student will also get a new account automatically. This can also be done by a privileged user as well. For example, when a student is enrolled with an admission number 1002, the student gets the login credential with username 1002 and the parent will get a username P1002.

2. Force password change on the first login: Are you worried about the default password of Fedena as an extension of 123 to usernames? No more worries. Being the admin, you have the option to allow first-time users to change their passwords in their first login only. For this, you need to go to ‘Settings’ after login and go to ‘General Settings’. You have to click the ‘Enable first time login change password’. With this, students who are first-time users and go for their maiden login can change the password to their own.

3. Custom reports: Found your favorite report missing in default reports of Fedena? The very interesting custom report plugin can assist you to create report cards of students or employees on the basis of particular information. For example, you can create a report of students who belongs to the blood group of B along with their first names, date of birth, and gender. All you need to do is to select the respective info based on which you want to prepare the report chart. To go to Custom Report, you first need to go to ‘More’ and then to “custom report’ and create a ‘New student report’ or a ‘New employee report’.

4. Custom import: Not sure how to enter all present data to Fedena? Worried about the manual work needed to input employee, library, examination data one by one into Fedena? Being the head of any educational institution, you might have to go through long processes of admission, filling up a good number of forms to store every particular detail of students. But with the custom import plugin, it becomes an easier task for you to store information of students as it offers you the option of bulk upload by creating a format of your choice using a particular model available. All you need to do is to download the format and use it to store information. Whereas using the Custom import module, you can import Student data with additional details, Employee data, Library book details, Student examination marks. Using the custom import module, you can upload bulk data with user-defined fields.

5. Internal messaging system: A simple newsletter service for your institution, within Fedena. It is very easy to communicate with staff and students using the internal messaging system of Fedena. You have the power to create a message and direct to a particular student or any batch. The best part about this plugin is that it allows anyone including staff, students as well as the admin to create messages and direct them to particular recipients. Automated messages are also directed to staff and students on some occasions like result publishing, payslip generation, exam schedule, and others.

6. Custom additional details for students and employees: You have extra fields for employee and student profile that is missing in Fedena? Do not worry. Sometimes, storing up additional information about new students and employees becomes essential as a part of school rules and regulations. The ‘Add additional admission detail’ option in Fedena is the sure answer to that. You can store up additional information of both students and employees. There are separate information storing pages for students and employees.

7. Fee import and subject import: You don’t have to waste your valuable time inputting fee and subject details for each of the newly created batches. A fresh and new batch in Fedena can be allotted the same fee structure and the same subject course from the previous batches with the help of this interesting feature of Fedena. This can save a lot of man-hours every academic year.

8. Variable fee according to the Subject selection: Want to set different admission fee for different electives? Unlike other ERP software, Fedena offers you the chance to ask students who opt for a particular course. Different application fees can be charged on the basis of the subjects they choose for the exam. There can be different application fees for different students based on the subjects they choose.

9. Set starting receipt number for finance transactions: This one feature is going to be of great help to people belonging to the finance department of any school. This yet-to-be-released feature of Fedena allows you to set the starting number of receipt forms for financial transactions and it continues automatically in series. This feature is all set to be launched very soon.
10. Daily and subject wise attendance: Subject-based attendance, as well as daily attendance, can be taken and reports can be generated using the ‘Daily and subject wise attendance’ feature.

Need more? Here are two more secret features of Fedena

+1: The Language Switcher
This one is our favorite and the least known. Each user can set their own specific language to use Fedena, even if the main setting by admin gave English as the default language. Each user can switch to the language by selecting their profile from the top-right menu, left to the logout button. A parent can use Fedena in Spanish while the main system is in English.

+2: Action Search
Don’t know how to get the list of Fee Defaulters or Create Timetable? Try the action search in the top right. The innovative action search of Fedena allows users to get access to various other features through a simple search. Just type what you want to do with Fedena. All matching actions will be listed quickly.


Now that you have knowledge about some of the interesting features of Fedena, you will undoubtedly benefit to the utmost from your Fedena experience! Don’t forget to check out our well-documented support portal available at support.fedena.com
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