How To Use Task Module in Fedena

Task module is used to assign tasks to staff by their managers. Also staff can assign a task to their Students. Here if a task is assigned to an employee they can see it by logging into their profile. They can update the task and can post comments in it. The task module is briefly explained below.
After logging into the dashboard click more option and then go to the tasks. For assigning a new task to an employee click “new task” option.
The employee can see the list of tasks assigned by him/her under the section ‘Tasks assigned by me’.  The status of the task can be seen against each task. It can be either Assigned status or completed status.
For creating a new task first of all the title should be given, then the description, department, course and the start and end date should be entered.
If there are any updates/comments to be posted it can be done under that task. There is a space for including updates about the task just below the task description.
The user can see the list of users to whom the task is assigned. This list can be seen by clicking on ‘Assigned To’ button in the view task page.
 The user can mark the task as completed, if all the users to whom the task was assigned completes it and submits back the task. This can be done by clicking on ‘Mark As completed’ link just above the task description.
 If the task is already completed and after that the user feels that the task is still not completed, the status of the task can be marked back to ‘Assigned’.
Once the task is assigned, the employee/student can see the tasks assigned to him/her by logging into their profile.  Login to the profile and click on ‘Tasks’ under ‘more’ option at the top left corner.
 Under ‘Tasks assigned to me’ section, the user can see the tasks that are assigned. Click on the respective task and the user can see the task description. The user can post the update/comment. If needed the user can upload attachments.
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